• fix search bug
  • fix refresh token
  • thanks to @roughnecks for her observations and GitHub issues


  • fix search bug
  • update line endings
  • change thumbnail exception
  • increase time to scroll
  • fix sqlite backup
  • thanks to @roughnecks for her observations and GitHub issues


  • import bookmarks
  • export bookmarks
  • allow uploading images in the editor
  • support webp thumbnails


  • fix database backup
  • extend thumbnail command
  • gather more than just a thumbnail when using chrome if needed
  • prevent system from replacing a screenshot with something worse if the URL has not changed
  • allow bringing your on description via api request
  • thanks to /u/SaleB81 for his observations


  • fix lower case search with PostgreSQL
  • include child-collections in search
  • fix screenshot taking


  • docker image has now multiplatform support
  • PostgreSQL as new default database (with docker compose)
  • screenshots to replace missing thumbnails, both manually and automated in a certain interval


  • added a dark theme
  • added the ability to add new themes with a theme folder (and a manual rebuild afterwards)


  • implement nested collections
  • solved as many bugs caused by that as possible
  • replace collection selection with a tree selection
  • fix initial tag bug


This is a major update technically speaking:

  • migrate from Lumen to Laravel (which also allows support for the newest PHP versions)
  • implement Playwright with some browser tests (after spending many hours with it and Cypress and Dusk..)
  • simplify docker-compose setup
  • update Dockerfile
  • use fonts locally instead of a CDN, as request by @MohamedElashri


  • fix bug: add line again that was removed accidentally the day before
  • fix: redirect bug
  • fix: (text and bookmarks) post creation with tags
  • fixed: bottommenu on mobile can be scrolled away


  • complete tag implementation
  • fix key-generate command