What is Benotes ?

  • Benotes is an open-source self hosted application that allows you to save bookmarks and notes side by side
  • You can use it on every device from everywhere and it can also be installed both on mobile and desktop devices (as a PWA)

Ok, but what exactly can I do with it ?

Well if you really want to go into details, here is small list:

  • Bookmarks can be automatically saved with an image, title and description
  • post and bookmark items can be stored in collections that can be nested - with tags if you like
  • supports both markdown and a rich text editor
  • allows for as many user accounts as you like
  • can be installed as a PWA on your mobile devices and desktop
  • allows you to import and export bookmarks
  • share content to this app (if installed as an PWA and supported by your browser)
  • collections can be shared with your friends via a public available URL
  • links can be instantly pasted as new posts
  • can be hosted almost anywhere, thanks to its use of the lightweight Lumen framework and well supported PHP language
  • works with and without a persistent storage layer (both filesystem and S3 are supported)
  • can also be hosted via Docker, Docker Compose or on Heroku
  • protect your data with (daily) backups